Technautic Atlantic Challenge: Ocean Rower, Ralph Tiujn, will team up with the 4 Nations rowing team in an attempt to break 4 world records. On Monday 6th March Ralph sets off with the team, embarking on his fifth ocean crossing and 3rd crossing of the Atlantic. The team will row on the ocean rowing boat “Rose”and will comprise of 4 rowers from 4 different countries. The crossing departs from Portimao in the south of Portugal and 45-50 days later will arrive in South America in the town of Cayenne, French Guiana. He hopes to break the current World record of 50 days and 10 hours.

In March 2015 Ralph broke the previous World record of 86 days skippering a 5 person crew in a time of 52 days. One year later the current record of 50 days and 10 hours was set. The row involves a punishing regime of 2 hours rowing in pairs followed by 2 hours rest, 24 hours per day. The team will aim to break 4 world records in total – overall time, fastest 4-person team crossing, youngest rower (Frenchman Clement Mas, aged 25 years) and the longest distance covered by a rowing boat in 24 hours which currently stands at 116.76 nautical miles (216km).

The expedition is not without danger. On previous ocean rowing expeditions, Ralph has been attacked by sharks and endured huge thunderstorms at sea. He suffered rotting food on board which he had to replace by fishing and a broken watermaker which left him collecting and drinking rainwater. He has capsized a total of 9 times and experienced 10m high waves. He suffered blood poisoning at sea. He narrowly missed a hurricane with winds in excess of 270km/h while rowing in the Pacific Ocean. After 99 days at sea in the Indian Ocean, Ralph collided with a cargo tanker which left him floating for 8 hours in the water without a lifejacket before being rescued suffering from hypothermia. And to top it all off in 2007, Ralph was shipwrecked on a small Pacific Island during a storm. He initially believed it to be a deserted island but later found a small Polynesian tribe. They gave him shelter and helped him repair his boat so that 2 months later he could finally return to sea to complete the crossing.  

But despite all these setbacks, Ralph is looking forward to completing his 5th Ocean Crossing. Sponsors Technautic, Health Care Specialists, Summit to Eat and Dekker Watersport have enabled Ralph to embark on this latest challenge.

45-50 days and over 6000km later, team 4 Nations are expected to arrive in South America. Ralph and the team can be followed here:

Ralph Tuijn (45, Netherlands) Skipper

Professional Adventurer Ralph Tiujn has rowed more than 40,000km across the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, cycled more than 100,000km around the World in more than 80 countries, completed several Arctic expeditions with temperatures as low as -50C and climbed mountains in 5 continents. He has so far raised more then €2million for charity.

Niall Bates (40, Ireland) Co-Skipper

Niall is an experienced sailor and rower. He has rowed for over 20 years and in 2012 crossed the Pacific Ocean as part of the Clipper Round the World yacht race.

Colin Blears (36, England)

Colin is an experienced yachtsman and endurance athlete. He sailed in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as part of the Clipper Round the World yacht race. As well as rowing the Atlantic, he is training for an eight marathons in 8 days challenge in the Alps in the summer of 2017.

Clement Mas (25, France)

Clement is an adventurer who likes to travel long distances using his own power. He has already cycled 30,000km around Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Ralph is one of the most experienced ocean rowers in the World and belongs to a select group of 6 rowers with over 500 days of ocean rowing completed.

The expedition can be followed on:


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