Born in 1980 and having experienced being used as human shield in the Gulf War, I have become a self-motivated, creative and analytical entrepreneur.

I have a wealth of experience delivering digital solutions in the UK’s property market. In 1999 I  joined Quest (a Daily Mail General Trust Company), a provider of workflow solutions to lenders and surveyors. 

Over the years I’ve worked on a diverse range of projects from mortgage fraud prevention systems for the UK’s top six mortgage lenders, to working on initiatives relating to the introduction of Carbon Reduction Commitment and Energy Performance Certificates for both domestic and non-domestic buildings. 

I’ve managed strategic relationships with government and private sector organisations including, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, HMRC, VOA and Experian.

After making a decision to re-align my work vs. life balance on a professional level I co-founded RISQ Ventures and have invested in start-ups to bring disruptive solutions to the residential and commercial property sectors.  The most recent investment is in Terrafirma Mine Searches Ltd, which specialises in mining and ground stability risk assessments for conveyancers.

Since 2015 I have also focused on new life adventures, whilst embracing the ability to work remotely. I have always enjoyed adventurous sports, including snowboarding, skydiving and bungee jumping, with recent pursuits taking me to the water. I’ve taken part in the Clipper Around the World Yacht race, and now, as you read this, I am currently rowing the Atlantic, with plans to run the Goretex Transalpine 8 marathons in 8 days across 4 countries in the Alps later in September 2017. 

It’s great to share my journeys with you.